New Podcast on Civic Tech!

April 2, 2024

New #Podcast Alert! 🌐🎧 #TechForGood #CivicInnovation #GovTech 👂 Listen Here:

Join Rosemary and I as we explore the critical role of #CivicTech in our latest podcast episode:

🔹 Introduction to Civic Tech Discover how #CivicTech serves civic purposes through simple, inclusive explanations. Learn about the contributions of governments and NGOs in this exploration.

🔹 The Power of Collaboration in Civic Tech Hear about the importance of involving diverse voices in crafting tech solutions to societal issues. Building a collaborative process is essential for effectiveness in #GovTech. 🤝

🔹 Understanding #SocialData Learn about the complexities of social data generated from online interactions. Delve into discussions about #Ownership and #ProfitSharing in the digital age, emphasizing societal engagement. 📊

Stay tuned and engage in the conversation about how technology can drive societal improvement! 

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