New Grant on “Public Understanding of Novel Food"!

March 1, 2024

Our lab received a ReImagine Grant from @nus to work on "Public Understanding of Novel Food". ReImagine Grant brings PIs from vastly different disciplines together. In our case, we are thrilled to work with food scientists from NUS Food Science and Technology, bridging gaps between scientists, industry, and public opinion on novel food development.

Novel food offers global benefits by addressing evolving needs:

🌱 Sustainable Practices: Advances in production methods reduce environmental impact.

👥 Improved Nutrition: Innovations enhance nutritional content, promoting health.

🌍 Food Security: Diverse options help meet growing demand and combat hunger.

🤝 Economic Growth: Industry collaboration fosters innovation and boosts economies.

Communication scholars analyze public opinion for risk perceptions.

🧪 Food scientists & industry experts share insights, advancing novel food development for a better world.

📊 Scientific findings are translated for public understanding.

🎓 Education program, designed with industry input, features public- expert dialogues.

Stay tuned for impactful results!

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