IAMCR’s CPT co-organized the 1st CNM books week with CCA

July 18, 2021

With the help of Dr. Jack Linchuan Qiu, the CPT section of IAMCR co-organized, along with Chinese Communication Association, the Inaugural CNM Books Week at the National U of Singapore in mid-July 2021. The full event series covered 7 books, of which CCA co-branded 3 events on: The Other Digital China (Jing Wang, 2019); Prototype Nation (Silvia Lindtner, 2020); and The Singapore Perspectives: Politics (Natalie Pang and Shamil Zainuddin, 2021). All 7 talks’ e-posters can be accessed here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gnk8lqni6c8x2t5/Posters.pdf?dl=0

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