CivicTech Lab @ICA Annual Conference 2022

May 26 - May 30, 2022

The CivicTech Lab has a fruitful year at the annual conference of International Communication Association, to be held in Paris, France. We have FIVE papers accepted for presentation.

1.    Zhang, W., Wang, R., & Liu, H. (May 2022). The Influence of Moral Framing on Likes: Examining Covid Vaccination Posts by American Facebook Public Pages. [video]

2.    Zhang, W & Cheng, Y. (May 2022). Are Moral Foundations Universal? Theoretical Lessons from Developing the Chinese Moral Foundation Dictionary. [video]

3.    Chen, Z. (May 2022). From the Trivial to the Tremendous: How Communication Technologies Shape the Organizing Mechanism of Online Activism. [top student paper]

4.    Xi, Y. (May 2022). Adaptive Agency: The Satire Genre and the Origin of Satirical Thoughts in Contemporary China. [top student paper]

5.    Xi, Y. (May 2022). The Historical Review of Satire Making and Sharing in China.

Congratulations to ABD Mr. Yipeng Xi for his top paper awarded by the Language and Social Interaction Division. This award is one of the highest ranked papers of the division!

Congratulations to ABD Mr Zhuo Chen, and his top student paper awarded by the Communciation and Technology Division. This is his second time to win a top student paper award. His first award was from the Political Communication Division of ICA in 2019.

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